The Lion King vs The Little Princess vs Harry Potter

Harry Potter Lightning

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The Easter holidays have begun in our house, which is GREAT… however we are in Christchurch, we’re still having aftershocks AND to add insult to injury… it’s raining.

The rain… changes everything.

Instead of battles in the backyard as the kids (all 5 of them) create their own wee imaginary worlds we have the battle of the remote… and it comes down to movies.

We have kids from the ages from 8 to almost 2 so we need to have movies that are family friendly enough for everyone. This weeks movies are The Little Princess (not intentional Abi) , The Lion King, Harry Potter, Tinkerbell and Bob the Builder… the fight is ON.

But what it has made me think about is how different people respond to different types of stories.

I’m currently going through the book in the Bible of Acts and one thing that James (the brother of Jesus) says is that we should leave each other alone as far as how people approach the Gospel.

You see some people come from a traditional Christian background and they a used to hearing and responding to the Gospel message a certain way.

While some people are not from traditional backgrounds and like to hear it in a more contemporary way.

So what’s that got to do with movies?

Well I have 5 kids they are all brought up with the same values and they are brought up in similar school systems and they all go to church… but the way they all take it in is very very different. In the mix I have twin girls born 14 minutes apart… yet one is a ‘Princess girl’ all things pink….all things fashion… all things girly. While the other likes imaginary worlds and animals. It’s amazing these kids live with each other all the time, yet they are so different.

So why do we expect Christians to fit in with one style of worship… we have guys wanting church to be more blokey… ladies wanting more songs about Gods love… and youth wanting more electric guitars.

The answer… don’t get offended by someone else’s worship… and don’t try and offend other people in their quest to worship God more.

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