No Jesus – No Heaven – SIMPLE

The Door to Hell (in the nighttime) / Turkmeni...

The Door to Hell (Turkmenistan)

I’ve was reading the Bible and these words stuck…

‘No one comes to the Father but by me’…

What do you mean ‘no one’?


You mean there is no salvation apart from Jesus?

‘YEP… ‘

‘God is love, and whatever God does is loving’ you may yell…

‘But our God is also JUST and HOLY… the cool thing is he is both JUST and HOLY and FULLY LOVING.”

But how?

Because God loved THE WORLD… everybody… SO MUCH… that HE GAVE.… his ONLY SON… there was no other… in OUR PLACE to die for OUR sinYOUR sin… MY sin. So that ANYONE who believe IN HIM… no matter what they have done or where they have beenANYONE… will NOT perish but have ETERNAL life.

People go to hell because they reject Jesus…. they think they can do it on their own… but eternity doesn’t work like that!

We expect  a convicted criminal to go to prison. Similarly, it makes perfect sense that a condemned sinner goes to hell. Hell was made for the Devil and anyone who rejects Jesus…

“No one comes to the Father but by me…

“BUT… What if you’ve never heard about Jesus at all?”

I heard this great quote from Mark Driscoll

“Salvation is only through Jesus, but the message of Jesus can be sent out by missionaries, technology, publishing, the Internet, church planting, an angel can show up, God can show up. I don’t know who has heard. I don’t know who hasn’t heard. Here’s what I’m worried about! Are we telling them?”

So instead of speculating about who have died and where they are going… what are you doing about those who don’t know??

There are things that I just don’t know… but what I do know is that I trust God and HIS judgement better than my own… and I’m sure he’s got it covered… numerous times in the Bible it says Jesus died for EVERYONE... but he has also given us free will to decide our own fate…


But there are two things you need to concern yourself with:

1/ are you going to Heaven… have you accepted Jesus as Lord of your life… because HE is the ONLY way…

2/ have you told others about that GOOD NEWS… because your best friend may be lined up for HELL…

what are you waiting for???








5 thoughts on “No Jesus – No Heaven – SIMPLE

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  2. Well said mate. It’s a hard message to accept, but truth sometimes is… Mark Driscoll is a pretty sound teacher eh!

    • No matter what approach you have to sharing the Gospel… at some point, you have to bring up “It”s the decision you make now that matters”.

      Mark Driscoll is pretty cool… although I try not to become ‘fans’ of preachers because I have seen people follow preachers without question.
      I personally try and listen to as many people as I can… for a few reasons 1/ it expands my own mind 2/ I get a more rounded view 3/ people screw up… 4/ it gives me more ammo for my own preaching. PLUS if I’m only listening to the same people… I’m only being feed THEIR view…
      In saying that I am keen to get Pastor Mark book ‘Doctrine’… it sounds interesting.

      • Yeah, I try not to be a preacher ‘fan’ either – mostly because they’re just human and therefore fallible. I’m sure you’ll agree that we need to rely on God’s word as the only infallible thing.

        There must be a dozen good (Biblically sound) ones I follow, plus 4 or 5 dodgier ones, plus a couple of outright heretics that we listen to just to keep up with what’s going on out there. Let’s not forget Glen Beck the Mormon who is absolutely fascinating too!

      • Its good to get a well rounded view… Plus some of the dodgy preachers often have some great stuff to say. Most preachers I’ve heard have their own ‘favourite’ topics so they would often have thought more about a part of scripture than some of the others. If you read scripture or listen to podcast with a purely closed mind you can miss something new God wants to teach you (just because you never been challenged by it doesn’t mean its wrong)… the important thing is knowing scripture to know what is not right.

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