Album Review: Phil Joel Presents – Deliberate Kids 2 ‘The Adventure you were born for’

So many Christian kids albums are so one dimensional, with some watered down lyrics over a hip-hop beat. On top of it all if you have kids that are older they hate the childish lyrics and music… but if the music and lyrics are too easy, then you’re only playing upbeat nursery rhymes… which is great for younger kids, but then you only have the CD for a short time.

So what do you do?

You get Deliberate Kids 2 “The adventure you were born for” album.

Kiwi musician & former ‘Newsboys’ bassist Phil Joel has released an album full of road tested kids songs that are not only fun & filled with real instruments but are based on biblical truth.

Where DK2 really sets itself apart from other kids albums is that Joel has left the album for room for your kids to grow with the songs. The album aims for kids 8 through 12 but the scope is certainly much wider than that…  before you know it you will find yourself singing along to  verses that are straight from the Bible and ooohhhing and aaahhhhing to choruses that are so catchy that they will sit in your mind all day… not only that but they’ll help cement the truth in easy to remember phrases like “the Adventure you we’re born for… You talking to God and God talking to you”… or the Psalm 78 inspired “Don’t forget to remember” featuring the SKA band The Supertones, with all their energy and blasting horn section.

All songs come tagged in the CD booklet (and iTunes booklet) with the Bible verse that inspired the song… this is great because if your child asks what something means you can both grab the closest Bible and discover for yourselves… it’s important that parents are interactive in children’s growth and awesome that this gives that extra resource .

The music on the album sits somewhere in the ‘pop rock’ realm bridging from everything from 80’s Rock (Armour of God) to SKA (Don’t forget to remember)… but there is a real Newsboys thread that seems to run through the whole album (which is fair enough Joel was part of the group for 12 years). Former Newsboys front-man and mate Peter Furler appears on 2 of the tracks.

DK2 is a great little album… as parents you want your kids to know Biblical truth… and you want them to have that truth deep in their hearts… what better way to remember than through the power of song but if you’re gonna do it… make it something that everyone can enjoy.

The Adventure You were Born for… help your children to learn the truth that being courageous and being strong is something that comes from knowing that when you are on Gods side then the adventure you were born for could make Indiana Jones movies look… kinda boring!



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