Things I have 100 or more of…

Compact Discs

Image by sickmouthy via Flickr

  1. CD’s

  2. sheet music

  3. books

Even with the short list of things I have more than 100 of I’m not sure I’m that attached to them.

Let me explain… If someone came into my house and stole (or borrowed) a book… I’m not sure I would notice… at least for a long time.

If someone borrowed a CD without me knowing… I’m pretty sure I would never know until I was in need of a certain song… but that could be months later.

But in Luke 15 Jesus told a story about a man who had 100 sheep… and when one of the sheep went missing, the shepherd went after the lost sheep and brought it back.

This is how much God cares for all those who have strayed away from God… he wants you back where you are safe under his care. He’s noticed that you are missing.

I have 5 kids, if I had 100 kids I’m not sure I would miss one for at least a day or so (unless I did a family role check every day!) – I’m sure I would love them all…

I have to admit I’ve lost one of my 5 kids… I was in a store and my wife went one way and he follow her while the other kids followed me…

Lets just say I panicked… well just a bit… but that was one of 5 kids… would I be the same if it was one of 100?

Yet Jesus has notice that you have gone missing…



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