Selfish Prayers…

Christchurch Earthquake 22/02/11

Damage to the Christchurch Cathedral.

This is the first blog since I stood in the Cathedral square in Christchurch and I stood helpless as a huge natural disaster tore the central city of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand apart.

Just over  a week later I find myself in the middle of the aftermath of the 22/02/2011 Christchurch earthquake. I find my self praying more. As lot of others are now starting to do, after coming to the realisation that they are in fact human. Now this in itself isn’t unusual… but the content of my prayers was starting to become different.

In the past (if I was to be honest) my prayers were starting to be more inward focused.

“Lord Bless ME” … “Lord Help MY family”… “Lord let ME have this…”

And lots of us have been in this place I’m sure… but in the middle of the total destruction my heart was changed to be more outward focused.

And it all came to a point with one simple question.

“If all the prayers I prayed in one year all came true… who would be better off?”

Or another way of saying it is “If God answered all my prayers the way I wanted… who would be more better off – Me or everyone else around me?”

If we were to be completely honest… most of us would say we would be better off.

But here is the thing… the church… this amazing movement… isn’t about us looking into ourselves… it’s looking outside ourselves, and more importantly trusting in God.

Yet we have somehow made this all about ourselves…

If you read through the book of Acts, you’ll see that the church prayed for boldness, so that they could go out.

So what makes US different?

It’s Christ in us… so we can look outwards.

Before I end please hear me… this is not about NOT praying for yourselves and your family… because it’s good to do that, in fact the Bible encourages that, however if all we pray is for ourselves and our needs, then we have missed the focus and purpose of the greater Church.

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