Christmas not a celebration anymore…

Christmas in the post-War United States

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Isn’t it funny how things that start off as well meaning end up becoming just a ritual… and instead of being uplifting everything just becomes a bit of a drag… or worse – just plain stressful.

Christmas is a bit like this… the whole point of Christmas is a Celebration – We’re celebrating the fact that Christ came down from Heaven to hang out with us… so that he could: a) set an example and b) die for our sins.

Now that is something to Celebrate for a couple of reasons. How cool is it knowing that God would send his son to come down and spend time with us…

God is a personal God… he WANTS to spend time with you… it’s not about having to do a whole lot of stuff to earn his favour! – Why because his son died FOR YOU.

Christmas is about giving… God gave his son to us – the ultimate gift, and so we give gifts in return, but we’ve lost sight of it all and gift giving has become a ritual “I MUST go out and shop for this person” – hasn’t it become about what WE get out of giving (with the expectation of getting something back)?

Even in our giving it’s become about GETTING.

Isn’t that why the malls are crammed full of people?

I mean Saint Nicholas (or as the Dutch called him Sinterklaas) who was famous for giving gifts to the poor… and over time we have created a a figure that gives US an excuse for buying more… when the whole purpose was to give without the expectation of getting back.

What great reason to Celebrate getting something that we have no way of being able to earn or buy… like a expensive gift to a person less fortunate than yourself…

Or like eternal life

a gift we can’t buy or earn

a gift that can only be given.

And only Jesus Christ can give it.

Accept it!


6 thoughts on “Christmas not a celebration anymore…

  1. I agree Goose – Christmas has moved on from its original meaning. I was passing a retail shop the other day with a big Santa in the window, and I wondered what people would think if there was a big rugged cross in the window instead?! Sales would suffer…

    Just one point though – the Bible doesn’t speak about Christ coming to hang with us. We need to be careful not to diminish who Jesus is, and what He came to do (1 Tim 1:15).

    • I was also thinking that a cross at christmas would be almost innapropriate as christmas is about Christ coming down and being amoungst us… while Easter is about the HUGE sacrifice he made (John 3:16)
      Both are foundational… but I think it’s important to celebrate them both for what they are!

      • Interesting perspective – I’ve never thought about Christmas being about Christ coming down and being amongst us. To me it’s always been about the gospel message – his coming to save sinners.

        The story of Christmas in the Bible is also about establishing who Christ was – that he was God incarnate, born of a virgin, and worshipped by the shepherds and wise men as their king. Many OT prophesies were fulfilled during this time too, proving that this was all part of God’s plan of redemption.

        I appreciate that this seems like a minor perspective difference, but if we stop at “God with us”, we can avoid spreading the true gospel message at a time when opportunities are ripe. Even recently we heard of church services where this happened – but I know that’s not your intention!

      • yep you’re right… the gospel message was him coming down to save us.
        Christmas is just PART of that story… it’s not the whole thing is it?
        You see sometimes it’s important to be in wonder of the little things just to realise just how HUGE these things are… like God amongst us
        The great thing about the Bible it’s like a kaleidoscope you can read the same story many times and get different things out of it… God coming down is certainly PART of that.
        I didn’t want to make this particular blog just another bible tract… I was purely taking a bite sized look at one part of it.

        this site will be going for a while… there will be plenty of time for us to unpack more of the gospel message so that we can look at another part of it… as God lays it on my heart to blog about it.

  2. also in reference to the “his coming to save sinners” comment you made.
    In the blog I actually said
    “so that he could: a) set an example and b) die for our sins.”

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