God wants you to be MORE than ‘just happy’…

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God wants you to be happy, but not at the cost of us doing things that are unwise for our lives. It would seem to me that God wants MORE than that for your lives… To be MORE than happy!

A few weeks ago I wrote the blog ‘Give it up’ about us being selfish, and it seems to be a case of “if it feels good do it” or “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else”… We’re so intent on being happy at any cost.

In Hebrews it say it like this “He chose to share the oppression of God’s people instead of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin.”…

Do you see that?  “Fleeting pleasures of sin” – we’re worried that if we don’t sin then we won’t be happy… but they’re only short lived pleasures aren’t they?

In the Bible it says “Blessed are the people who fear the Lord” … that means more than happy!

Both Max Lucado & Craig Groeschel use a story like this to illustrate this:

A fish is thrown onto a sandy beach, as you can imagine the fish is not happy… it’s gills are working over time and it’s jumping around the place trying to get to the water.

Now if we give the fish $1 Millon do you think he will  be happier? Of course not… it still needs water to help it breathe.

What about if we gave the fish a beer… or a picture of it’s favourite female fish? It would still be unhappy right?

The point is that whatever you give the fish on the beach it still won’t satisfy. There is nothing that will satisfy the fish on the beach because it wasn’t made for the beach. Anything less than water will leave him wanting the water for where he was created.

Earth is not Heaven… it was never meant to be. That’s why the ‘things of this earth’ (money, drink, sex etc…) never satisfy for long… because God has a much better plan… a much greater plan. That will leave you feeling satisfied (and no longer thirsty)

Jump into the water!


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