God isn’t Fair…

To the Pike River coal miners and their families

To the Pike River coal miners and their families

In the news today I saw a story of a couple who lost both their children, one in the Pike River Mine tragedy in New Zealand 13 days ago… this alone is sad, however 8 years earlier they had lost their daughter in a car accident, she wasn’t even at fault. The question that often is asked “why did God cause this?”

In John 9:3 Jesus said that somethings happen “so that the work of God might be displayed in his life”… in the story the man had spent years in a society that looked poorly on a blind man, blaming it on past sin and wrong doings. Basically Jesus was saying God will be glorified through this tragedy… but it kind of seems kinda harsh doesn’t it?

But just because God allows things to happen doesn’t mean that God causes it all to happen.

I sometimes I question God… it’s only natural because our minds are just so small to understand all things. Sometimes like the story in John about the blind man, people are healed… however sometimes through all the pain and all the prayer and hope of a miracle, like that in the Pike River mine there is death… and we are left wondering… we are left hurting and there seems to be no reason for it.

Why would God take people so young? Or with children without a dad?

And as little as it may seem while in the middle of all the pain… there always seems like there are glimmers of light that we sometimes get shown to us through it all; Like a nation showing support to Christchurch during a earthquake or help from All around the world to show support to the families who lost loved ones at Pike River – but it still hurts doesn’t it.

Even in the middle of our pain (especially in the middle of our pain) God is good


Bad things happen to good people, that’s just life unfortunately.

Bad things happened to Jesus too… and that’s the best news for us… his death led to our life – eternal life.

Isn’t it interesting how we’re pretty quick to ask why something bad happened – how often do you ask why God might bless you might bless you for something good?

The truth is good things happen to people like you and me… people who are sinful – and deserve DEATH – nothing less.

No matter what sort of pain you are going through remember to keep your eyes on Heaven , the ultimate prize and reward… and remember to be thankful that God doesn’t always give us what we deserve.

When  it comes to OUR SINS – thank God that he’s NOT fair.


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