Give it up…

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It seems to me that in our society we are so selfish.


Well look around you… people with habits that are harming people and the reason they’re not giving it up is because “It’s MY life…” . Everything from smoking, drinking, swearing… the list goes on.

And we wonder why life seems so much like we’re going through the motions.

But it seems to me that God has a GREATER plan for us than just “going through the motions”

In Psalm 139 it says that:

16. Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

The bad new is the road with the most to loose is the road where ‘in this world’ we seem to gain the most (money, things, luxuries etc…)

And the road where we gain the most we loose the most here… We give our lives to Christ.

OK so why would I go on the road to gain if I have to get uncomfortable? – the answer is because wouldn’t you want to be on a road that your creator planned for you… or would you prefer a road that you meander your way through without GPS not knowing what dangers lie ahead?

The great news is when you trust in God you give HIM the control… all you need to do is trust in him and be obedient

it’s not going to be easy…

there will be hard times…

But that’s how God seems to work… he blesses us in those times of trouble so when we’re out of the dark place we can look back from the new peak we’ve climbed and know that God was there the whole time.

“surely goodness and mercy will follow me ALL the days of my life”

It doesn’t make sense… but our God is a good God.


3 thoughts on “Give it up…

  1. Ok, some good points…. however, why do you think God make his road so tough sometimes? I get it that when the tough times are over, we can appreciate what we have been through and what we have learnt BUT what about the tough times that give pain for life….For example, why would God allow a child to get so sick that they die – therefore causing such agony to the parents….. for a life time?

    • great questions Emz… I think there are a couple of points there. The first point is why does God sometimes make it so hard… Well I personally think that if it were too easy we would have no need to rely on God… and because we are selfish we would think it’s all about us instead of him. You see this in Exodus when God rescued his people out of Egypt with a whole bunch of really cool miracles… only for them to start to worship a golden calf when things were going our way, as humans we forget so easily. The flip side to that is that if Israel hadn’t been captive in Egypt there would be no need for God to part the Red sea or turn the Nile to blood. So sometimes we need the hard times so we can see the Red Seas in our lives parted.
      The other point is about young kids dying… its tough aye? The fact of the matter is that this world is not how God intended it to be… we have turned away from God
      (Adam and Eve – sometimes called ‘the fall’), and by doing that we have chosen our own path… God way was intended for all things good, how ever we chose our own way making a way for senseless death, world hunger, Earthquakes etc… and God being a good God has let it happen because it’s what WE have chosen for ourselves by choosing not to follow the path that he created for us, and we have to ALL suffer the consequences of that.
      I hope that makes sense? It’s a hard one to put in so few words.

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