Money… “it’s ALLLLL Mine”

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Isn’t if funny how when we are getting low on cash or in dire need of it we cry out to God “Lord give me money so that I can get ______” or “so I can pay for ______” .

We’re not shy of asking God for ‘more’ are we?

And you would most likely let God know that we expected him to do it too… wouldn’t we?

And when he pulls through we are soooo grateful… You let everyone know what an awesome God we serve and how he’s such a great provider.

Years have passed and you have more than enough money… ok you’ll never have ALL you need but you are certainly comfortable…

so why don’t you question God about that?

When we don’t have enough we wonder why… yet isn’t it amazing how when we have more than enough we don’t question that at all… in fact the thought doesn’t even enter our thoughts.

Pastor and writer Andy Stanley says this about Greed

“Greed is -I owe me”

OK… so it’s your money you earn it… and so it must be yours… right?

You may do all the physical work that you can see… but I have a feeling that there is someone behind it all making it all come together.

Let me use this as an example… a farmer spends time in the fields and uses all sorts of techniques to grow the best crop ever, he sells them at the market and makes an amazing profit… he worked for it so it’s all his… right?

It sounds fair – until you look at the seasons… you look at the soil… you look at the water fall for that year.

How many time do we see in the news farmers struggling due to drought?

There is only so much a farmer can do… the rest is up to God.

And when you have all the money… what are you going to do with it?

I hear people talk about early retirements and living life to the max… the problem with that is, you don’t know how long your life will be, and when you die ALL that money or possessions that you have been holding onto will just be given to someone else anyway….

A Rich business man died and everyone wanted to know how much the man had left behind… so  the Press waited to speak to the lawyer, when he arrived they all asked

“How much did the business man leave behind?”

To which the lawyer replyed

“All of it!”


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