I like the bad guy

Curly threatens the bad guys with an explosive...

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In New Zealand we have had a new presenter who made some comments that some have seen as racist… and the result is that the whole nation is up in arms. There is division through the whole country… some are saying the comments were racist and some are saying it’s just PC gone mad.

The comments were basically around “what does a kiwi look like?” or what does a New Zealander look like? I personally can see both sides of the argument so I’m not fussed either way, the thing that amazed me is how fast a country can be divided by only a couple of sentences…

You can see the comments here:


But it made me realise how much I love having the bad guys around us, I really do… they constantly poke me and challenge why I like the things that I do.

In the old westerns they were the guys with the black hats while the good guy is walking around with his white hat… We watch as the bad guy makes racial slurs and picks on the little weak guy that we have an emotional connection with… we hate what they do.

But are we really any better?

We still lie… we still cheat… we still call people names…

We find that we are more closely connected to the bad guy than we would actually like to think…

So warning to all good guys… you can’t get too cocky… you can’t get on your high horse… because through history we see often how the good guy can fall, and the higher the fall the more it hurts ALL aspects of you life.


2 thoughts on “I like the bad guy

  1. Amazing Goose – I actually agree with EVERYTHING you have written here. Now that must be a first!! LOL.

    Yep, the good guys are never ALWAYS good however are usually the first to judge those who slip up….

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