Stand Firm Soldier…

NYC - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Field Armor...

Image by wallyg via Flickr

I recently preached a sermon on Prayer and since then everything that can get in the way of me spending time with the Lord has been there. Family issues, timing issues, work issues… issues, issues issues… they’ve all ‘just suddenly’ started happening and it’s really distracting.

Most recently my wife and I were about to go to our growth group – a place where a small group talk about God and pray for each other on a more personal level… anyway… one of our girls who was fine a few minutes before hand ‘all of a sudden’ felt really ill and had diarrhea meaning only one of us could go… it was distracting.

And I thought… yep this is exactly what the enemy tries to do, he distracts and he tries to hit you from ALL angles

In The Bible its says:

“Put on all of Gods armour so that you will be able to stand firm against ALL strategies and tricks of the Devil” Eph 6:10

You see the Devil uses tricks and he uses distractions to stop you doing things that will help your growth, as Christians…

  • Are you finding it hard to pray?
  • Is The Bible suddenly really hard to read?
  • Are there distractions that are stopping you read The Bible
  • Are there distractions that are stopping you from praying?
  • Are there distractions that are stopping you from spending time with your partner… your soul mate?

the it may be that you’re heading in the right direction and the Devil doesn’t want you to grow anymore in that area… you may even start to see a pattern emerging… think about it….

Sometimes it’s easy to just get caught up in the flow of the business… but we need to make God our priority…

In Ephesians it tells us to “put on the Armour or God” because we’re not dealing with things we can see – we’re dealing with a spiritual realm… and by doing this -putting on Gods armour with ‘Faith as your shield‘ we can STAND FIRM even though it may seem like you’re in the middle of a large giant pickle.

We need to “Pray at ALL times and on Every occasion”… that ALL the time… it’s find to pray in the middle of strife, but wouldn’t you want to hand it over to God BEFORE you got into trouble, because at least you know that God has full control of this situation.

And Lastly… stay ALERT… be persistent.

As I mentioned, it could be easy to think you’re just in a dry patch or just having a tough time but when you can see that there is a pattern emerging….

Like everytime you go to pray something distracts you… Push on through… be persistent

Like when you schedule family time or your own personal time for Bible reading, the phone rings or someone keeps dropping by… keep being persistent

It may seem like you’re alone in these times, but God is just a whisper away – in fact he’s closer than that if you think that the power of God is within you… You see he’s got your back, while you battle forward being persistent… not giving an inch of ground.

“no weapon formed against us shall prosper”

STAND FIRM soldier!

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