back handed compliment??

Walk on the water

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One thing that I have always thought about when Peter walked on Water… is when he started sinking Jesus said to him “You don’t have much faith”…

Now there are people who say that it was Jesus telling Peter off, although I wonder if there was a part of Jesus saying “you have little faith and you walked on water, you did the impossible, imagine what you could have done with more faith!!!”

Jesus himself said “With faith even as small as a mustard seed you can tell the mountain to get up and move from here to there and it will”…

When Peters eyes were fixed on Jesus he was able to walk on water… he was able to do the impossible. It didn’t take that much faith… sure it wasn’t easy either… I mean have you ever tried to walk on water?

Do you get that sinking feeling?

I’m think Peter is pretty cool… the guy walked on water with no surf board.

If faith as small as a mustard seed can help move mountains… how much faith did walking on water take?

And how much faith would it take for us as Christians to do amazing things in our world with the power of Jesus Christ “that is already within us”


2 thoughts on “back handed compliment??

  1. Great story isn’t it! I reckon Peter started out well, trusting simply in Jesus, but then lost it when he noticed the wind and the waves.

    When looking at this story, we just need to be careful we don’t do a Rob Bell, and say that Peter’s problem was a lack of faith in himself! Bell also adds “Faith in Jesus is important, but what about Jesus’ faith in us…”

    The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about the size of our faith, it’s about the One whom our faith is in. Otherwise we’re on the thin end of the wedge of the dangerous teachings of the Word of Faith and Hyper-faith movements.

    • I understand your concern… and I agree it NEEDS to be faith in Jesus…
      Although it DOES STILL have to do with the size of OUR faith (IN HIM) Other wise Jesus would never had said “you don’t have much faith” or “Because you have SO LITTLE faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith AS SMALL as a mustard seed” Matt 17:20
      I think it’s about trusting him with what you have got… and he takes care of the rest.
      In Peters case he totally took his eyes off Jesus, and looked at the storm rather than the fact that God is still God amongst it all!!

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