Did God cause the Earthquake?

Christchurch Earthquake

Image by annzstream via Flickr

Christchurch Earthquake 04 September 2010

Some one mention to me that maybe it was a warning from God…

Someone else mentioned that it was showing his judgement…

Someone else said it was showing Gods mercy that no one died.

So… what do I think?

To be honest I don’t know all the answers… but here is what I do know:

  • During times like this people feel more vulnerable , and they realise that they are so minute in a huge world, and an even bigger universe.
  • People need people. the amount of stories, I’ve heard that people have been helping others… it really show how much we are made to be relational. One the news I’ve heard a couple of stories of people who said that in the middle of the earthquake they felt “So alone”
  • God is still God through it all – and we can come to him with all our worries, and concerns.

Brent Richardson, a good friend of  mine says this:

The fact is often these things cannot be reasoned out. For example a Godly person might loose their house (or life) while bad people come out unscathed. If it’s God’s judgement it is mostly lost on the general public who don’t think that way. Surely if God was going to judge wouldn’t he make sure people understood what he was doing (such as when he sent Israel into exile preceeded by the prophets warnings).

Now God can cause earthquakes… Job is a good example of a Godly man loosing everything from major disasters, there are a number of them through the old and new testament.

Sometimes in our search to try and understand what has happened in a major event, we start to make assumptions -like the ones mention at the start of this blog.

And I wish I knew the answer but the truth is – I JUST DON’T.

In fact if we are trying to figure out what God is doing – isn’t that just us trying to be god like? trying to ‘control’ the situation?

Just a thought…

2 thoughts on “Did God cause the Earthquake?

  1. Good thoughts Goose. I had been wondering myself. Did God cause the quake and if so why?

    Not only the destruction in Christchurch, but the floods in Pakistan for example. A natural disaster? Why would God allow such an event with so many loss of lives?

    We were so fortunate in Chch to not have any fatalaties however the pain and suffering of so many families who are left homless and jobless – is that God’s work? Allowing so many people to be so scared – yes a time that many discover God and turn to him perhaps….

    • It’s hard to understand aye?
      A good friend of mine explained it like this:

      There are 3 possible answers to the question.
      1. God causes all earthquakes.
      2. God doesn’t cause earthquakes – they are caused by the earth’s natural processes.
      3. God can and does cause earthquakes, but they are usually caused by the earth’s natural processes.

      I personally tend to lean more towards #3 myself.

      I don’t think we will ever know why these things happen…
      Could God prevent the earthquakes happening? Yep….
      Could God have made them happen? Yep…
      Did God prevent people from dying? More than likely

      But one thing that I hear a lot in the news is the strength of the human spirit… people helping others… people seeing their own frailty… and I personally think us questioning these things when we find ourselves at our lowest is a good thing…
      God is good… and so I really don’t think that he sits in heaven looking for ways for us to suffer, but he does look at ways for us to be greater than we think we could ever become. The Bible is full of people who out of the depths of chaos rose to the top and became the giant killers… the saviours in great floods… and so on… Sometimes it’s best to trust God has it under control, because our small minds just can’t see just how big the picture really is.

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