Album Review: Israel Houghton ‘Love God, Love People’

After listening to the New Israel Houghton & New Breed album I found my self thinking “what just happened here???”
I mean here is a guy who is known as a worship leader, a multi instrumentalist, and a great song writer… and so this album should be great right?

But  apart from every now and then thinking, wow that was well done, I was left with disappointment.

The first track Love God Love people was just a modern Michael Jackson rip off., complete with the trade mark MJ  ‘ahh’s and ‘oohhs’ .. please people Christians should -if anything, should be more creative because we are in touch with the God of creativity, any douche can re-hack something.

I thought maybe it was just a bump early in the road so I continued listening… the more I listened the more I felt like I was listening to a Disney soul soundtrack. The album was all clean and gleaming, but the soul was shallow…
The Album didn’t start getting ‘real’ until Kirk Franklin turned up on the track Mercies and did what only Kirk Franklin can do – he did “chuuuuurch!”.

The message is good if not somewhat chiché and seems like a bit of a general ‘Christian’ push for market share than anything else, which is disappointing.

Take away all the effects and the ‘Auto tune’ from this album… and you could have a good album… a real album.
But this album – as it is… is just and over produced album.


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