Pass On Passions

Some friends of mine came up with a great idea for social networking… the idea was to join a forum where you can talk about the things that you are passionate about…

I mean is there anything worse that having to scroll through a whole lot of dribble that other ‘friends’ have posted only to see the two posts that are actually of interest to you.

It’s great… is sport your passion?

Is music your passion? Jazz, Rock, Christian Music, Blues…

Are books your passion?

So my friends came up with a plan… why not create a place where you can go and talk about the things that really interest you… you know the things that you think about often and that spin your wheels.

And Pass on Passions was born.

I think the concept is great… specifically because I love ALL things music… so when someone mentions a new album, or posts a review on an album that they have though is great… or maybe not so great, I can read all about it.

The same goes with sport, did the coach make the right decision choosing that player in that team???

Or books, was it a page turner? Or just a brick?

It’s worth checking out… and maybe even signing up for.

Take a look…  get passionate… and then PASS it on!!


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