There is no such thing as Christian music

Now this may sound like a strange thing for someone who writes ‘Christian’ music, performs ‘Christian’ music and yes… reviews Christian music, but I have to admit there is no such thing as Christian music.

A cynical me would say that it is something that a whole bunch of marketing people put together to create it’s own genre, I mean Christian music has it’s own Billboard music charts. An interesting point – the only music that is categorized by it’s lyrical content is Christian music.

How many times do you have to use the word ‘Jesus’ in a song before it becomes a sacred song?

Does this mean that if you use the word ‘baby’ more than once in a song (not related to the virgin birth) it makes it secular… I mean Amy Grant used it twice in a song (Baby Baby) and look what happened to her, her marriage broke upoh the scandal of it all!!

But seriously can music actually be Christian?

Here’s the thing… Christian means to follow Jesus (It literally means little Christ’s) – to my knowledge a CD can’t follow anyone, no mater what their religious belief is. Is a hotrod atheist if an atheist built it? This however bring up another interesting point.

Is there Secular music?

I would argue… NO!

There seems to be JUST music.

In 1 Timothy 4:4 Paul writes:

“Since everything God created is good, we should not reject any of it.”

God created music, and because he made it… it is good (not relating to sin).

Songwriter Michael Gungor writes this. (the underlining is me!)

“There are films and plays and pieces of literature and art and music that are drenched with the creativity and majesty of the Creator that are made by artists who would call themselves “atheists.”  They can’t help where they got that creativity from, even if they’d like to try.”

Isn’t it funny how we can be so worried about defending our little piece of God that we forget that God is weaving his magic in ALL areas of life… and it doesn’t need to be labelled Christian for that to happen. I think with all the labels we start to loose sight of the wonder that God has created all around us.

There are songs for ALL aspects of life… some are there to point us to heaven, some show our depravity, but there is this wonderful spectrum of light that seems to shine in it all if you are truly looking.

Music takes the lyrics often far above where the lyrics could ever have gone by themselves.

Take time to soak in good quality music, or even the wonderful melody of silence either way God made it good!!


3 thoughts on “There is no such thing as Christian music

  1. Interesting post bro – I reckon you’re right on the money there. Funny though… While I agree that music is morally neutral, but there’s just something about death metal music or the trance-like voodoo music that seems somehow dark or evil. Could it be that music can actually connect with the spiritual in some way? It certainly can connect with the emotional.

    • I think it comes down to the heart at the end of the day. There is certainly something special about music, and the fact that it is a stream between all areas of life. I think of it like an Ambulance, in the hands of a trained driver it can help save lives, but in the hands of a drunk it can kill people. The Ambulance didn’t save the life of the person but it was the intention of the driver and the ambulance staff that used the tools within the ambulance to help save the live. It was also the recklessness of the drunk that killed the person, the ambulance was only the vehicle used. So you see my point, music is important… but it’s the heart of us that ruins it. Culture sometimes ruins the music like trance music where people take drugs (often) to get a high which enhances the music in that environment.

  2. LOL! This reminds me of when I worked at a christian book store and I had a customer ask me if we sold “Christian napkins” for a dinner party she was having. I just had to laugh (after I addresses the items I inferred she meant–napkins with verses printed on them).

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