Looking towards the THEN & THERE

Life can really get you down. Check the news papers, there always seems to be a war somewhere, jobs are hard to find and hard to keep, depression, hate, anger are all encouraged to be expressed as we are told to express ALL our feelings.

Sometimes do you get the feeling that it’s all crashing down around you, and somehow you’re stuck right in the middle of it all?

The fact of the matter is the world is falling down around us… so how can we survive through all this?

In the Bible Peter says he is “Looking forward to the new heavens & new Earth” you see he was looking past where he is, and looking towards Heaven. He was lifting himself out of the HERE and NOW and looking towards his future (the THEN and THERE if you will)

I like Peter in the Bible because he’s just so ‘gung ho’ and he’s not worried about being PC… and I really like that, in fact I think Christians should be more like that, you see there is only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus… the problem with that is there is only one way to Hell also, and that’s rejecting him… In this day and age that is certainly seen as narrow minded, and it is I’m afraid it is, but it has to be. If ALL roads lead to Heaven then Christ never needed to die for us, because we could just get to Heaven another way… not to mention the different teachings of the so call ‘prophets’ other religions have to offer… the world in it’s desire to be PC has done nothing but remove Christ from the mix, but Jesus said “no one comes to the Father but by me”

So what do we do?

We look forward to the THERE & THEN… we look forward to Heaven, and while we’re still in the HERE & NOW we should live with integrity, with honour, with truth and show the love of Christ that the world is so desperately needing.


One thought on “Looking towards the THEN & THERE

  1. Good on you Goose! I couldn’t agree more about being less PC. It’s good to know what you believe, and not be afraid to state it clearly.

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