Back Bone not Wish Bone

We often find our selves wondering why God isn’t doing anything in our lives… the reality is, it’s because your sitting on your butt treating God like your own personal Genie…

If you look at the amazing things that happened in the Bible you’ll see that it took faith for someone to step out in faith first. Noah had to build and ark… now if you’re building a huge boat no where near the sea you’d better be making sure that you’re sure that you’re listening to God… imagine the amount of ridicule Noah would have got. The walls of Jericho… Joshua had the Israelites walking around this place blowing trumpets… for 7 days….. and the list goes on. Do you get the picture?

They looked foolish… until God added his part of the deal

God works THROUGH us… it’s this amazing plan that baffles us? And I really don’t think we get it!!!

We need to be asking ourselves do we trust what God is telling us?

Has God place this conviction in our hearts?

Then let me ask you… what are you waiting for???

Now please hear me… I’m not saying be reckless… but I’m saying trust God enough to stop worrying about what others will think, because after all isn’t that God’s problem, hasn’t he got the winning game plan?

We can come up with all the game plans and contingency plans but often God has his own unique way of doing things. I mean I never would have thought my car breaking down out side my house and getting the window smashed in would be the way to meet my neighbor or get a new alternator for free, but God’s plans are perfect… you can’t plan for that stuff…

So as the Nike add says “Just do it” but I would like to add “because God has it all under control”.

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