Uncomfortable Worship

My good friend Abi on her blog site ‘Here to Eternity’ made the comment that worship “cost you something”… now I know that there are times when in worship  you can sit in the presence of God and soak in his love and mercy, but often to get to that place there has to be some amount of sacrifice, and often it’s the time when God really ‘digs deep’ where he really get to the heart of the issues in your lives, as God continues to craft you into the person that you were meant to be.

But I wonder if it’s an even BIGGER problem… we have become lazy worshippers?

We often come to church and get worship on a platter… we have good music, we have created an environment that has made it easier to focus on God, and we have songwriters that give us the right words we say, it’s not costing us anything, it’s almost too easy. You see in the scripture it talks about ‘God inhabiting our praises’, but God can’t inhabit our praises if we aren’t engaging with God.

Most Christians would agree that reading God’s words (and a collection of them) really pushes them to look at themselves in a new way… and God in a new way. Worship by it’s nature should be the same… right?

I mean how easy is it to turn on your favorite worship and never really worship?

How often are you listening to the music that suits your own style?… meaning it’s comfortable

Look I’m not saying that you have to change the type of music that you are listening to, so that your all of a sudden listening to Jazz worship and I’m certainly not saying that you have  to worship with every worship song that you hear… but I certainly think it can only be a good thing to really push ourselves in what we worship and how we worship.

Now let me make this very clear… music is only a very very small portion of our worship to God but it is certainly the most unique in the way we worship, but pushing ourselves in worship is something that can be extended into all areas that we worship in. You see it could be the difference between honest unique worship and a ritual of going through the motions in worship… which would you want?

It could be as simple as going from listening to Hillsong United and start listening to David Crowder Band, from Parachute Band to Charlie Hall…

It could be as simple as listening to a new song on repeat until you understand something more of what God had revealed to the songwriter…

It could be as simple as skipping past your favorite song on the album and listening to the words of a new song…

But learning more about God has to be worth something to push for… so why don’t we?


2 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Worship

  1. This is good. A couple weeks ago my mother was sick, and so she decided to stay home from church because she said that the service would completely “wear her out.” I questioned her on what she meant by that, and she said something to the point of: “When I’m completely engaged in the service, it drains me of energy. It completely consumes me and I get so emotionally and mentally engaged in worshipping the Lord that it zaps every ounce of energy out of me.”
    That’s good, huh! It gave me a whole new perspective on how worship SHOULD be.

    • Sometimes worship can feel draining… but the great thing is when you read the word of God and when you just sit in his presence it can also be energizing… you see when we give of ourselves to God it’s his very nature to give back to us. In John 4:31 we read about Jesus doing ‘all nighters’ and spending time with God… the disciples wondered where he got his energy from… “could someone have feed him?” to which Jesus said “My food is doing the will of God” or in other words… “I get energized by doing the will of God”

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