Pastor David Smith from Gateway church made an interesting observation about the worlds obvious decline. He basically said “Society isn’t in the shape it’s in because non Christians aren’t doing what is right… it’s because Christians aren’t doing what’s right

Does that sound a bit harsh?… or is it a harsh reality?

When we are living according to the promises of God… then we are living within his promises, and that means we can benefit from them also. This of course doesn’t mean that life will be easy… but you’ll certainly have the feeling while in the midst of that dark place that everything will sort its self out. Now this is not some unfounded think positive scheme… this is a certain trust in a God that cares and provides for your every need, if we believe.

Ok… that’s fine but what does that have to do with living a life of integrity?

Well isn’t living a life where your behavior matches your beliefs the definition of integrity?

A life in which what we say and what we do are the same thing?

Non Christians aren’t living under those promises so the things they do are purely living in the trust of human strength… but it’s because Christians are (or should I say should be) living under God’s promises that AMAZING things can happen, but here’s the clincher… unless we are living with our behavior matching our beliefs, we aren’t fully living under the umbrella of God’s promises, are we?

Are you living a life under the umbrella of God’s promises?

Or are you missing out on God’s blessings?

Does your Behavior match your belief?

Or are you found that your belief isn’t as strong as you would like to believe?


2 thoughts on “Integrity…

    • I had no idea what Hamish preached about on Sunday… in fact I was writing it a home WHILE he was preaching at church.
      Could it be that God is trying to tell you something??? (obviously joking)

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