Smashed up Car…

We woke up one morning to find that the car that we had left out on the street had been vandalized, some one had got up on the bonnet of the car and kicked in the windscreen. This was so frustrating. The reason the car was out on the street to start off with was that’s where the car decide to die after it broke down due to the alternator failing on use and to make matters worse we didn’t have enough money to pay for it… and now a window smashed. It was clear this car wasn’t going to pass the warrant of fitness (road worthiness of the car) I mean you couldn’t even see out the window… It was very annoying.

We were very fortunate that we had been given another car, this too was a bit of a ‘rust bucket’ and not fit for the roads, but it was good enough to sell if someone wanted to take the time to fix it… we thought we would sell it so we could fix the ‘better’ car, with the bung alternator and the smashed window.

The car up the drive had been given to us, so we didn’t want much for it, we were happy for just enough to cover the costs of fixing the car on the street (about $300)

Now we have pretty good neighbors.  Mark and Megan on one side and a fairly quiet bloke on the other… we have tried to meet this other guy, but he seemed to work strange hours and when we had gone over he wasn’t there, but when we saw him every now and then on the street we would be polite and wave. It was funny, we had tried so many to times to meet him, but it just never worked out, so what happened next could only have been a God ordained situation.

We went out one evening with our very good friend Liv and my parents babysat our 5 kids, while we sat court side at netball that was in town that night. While we were out my parents had a visitor at our house… it was our shy and somewhat hard to pin down next door neighbor… it turns out that his name is Scott, any way he came over to say that he was concerned about the car smashed on the street.

So when we came home my Father explained the situation and said that he would give me a hand to push the smashed car up the drive… as we came out who would turn up but Scott, our newly found friend.

Turns out that Scott knows about cars and knew someone who can fix our alternator… the insurance can fix our windscreen and Scott had a friend who had a car stolen and needed a new set of wheels to get around in.

So because our car ‘just happened’ to stop outside our house meant that it got it’s windscreen smashed, which meant we met our neighbor, which meant that we got our alternator fixed (and get a spare one just for the record) and get it fitted for free. But also… we got rid of the rust bucket car that was sitting in our drive, which was given to Scott’s friend who needed a car, fulfilling a need to someone we just meet who was amazed that we didn’t want anything extra for the car.

That can’t be anything but a God situation… there’s too much stuff that just happened ‘randomly’ for it to just be coincidence.

I’m reminded… of Romans 12:12

“Be Glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and always be prayerful”

You see our God is Jehovah-Jireh… our provider. And he takes care of EVERY need… right down to the smashed window.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack NOTHING!”


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