It’s done already…

As Christians we have all heard how we don’t need to do anything more to gain the grace of God because Christ has already done it (in relation to salvation).

But how often do we look at the hard times we are facing and say “God has already won this battle?” I mean if God can defeat sin &death, then most of our other problems seem minor in comparison …

In Joshua 6:10 God says:

“I have delivered Jericho into your hands.”

Which you may think as a nice thing for God to do… but here’s the really cool part. God’s people hadn’t even attacked Jericho yet, God was talking future tense, to people in the present tense, about a battle they hadn’t even had. Did you notice God didn’t say “I will deliver Jericho”… he said “I have DELIVERED”

Now please hear me I’m not talking about some crazy prosperity gospel, but if we are following the promptings of God and he’s placed something on your heart, then the battle has already been done, so why shouldn’t we go follow his calling?

Do you believe God has already won your battle?


2 thoughts on “It’s done already…

  1. oh, I just love this. I was watching a Christian TV broadcast yesterday and the speaker was talking about God answering prayer. He said something like this: “You know when God answered our prayers…? 2000 years ago, when He hung on the cross. You know when God healed all of our diseases…? 2000 years ago. You know when He provided everything that we would ever need…? 2000 years ago. All we have to do today is CLAIM those promises and answers, and they’re ours!”
    I just love your posts. Thank you for posting them!

    • Thank for your kind words.
      It’s true that God was to bless his children but sometimes the church take this too far and expect God to be a ‘bless me vending machine’… the trap is when we start to believe the blessing is only for us, I don’t believe that God wants to bless us so we can have a expensive car. the blessing of God are never an ends to itself, it’s never the goal. If we use Gods blessing selfishly they can actually become a curse… We are blessed to bless others. John Wesley said it well “gain all you can, save all you can, give all you can”

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