I’m Ironman (part 1)

Ok… So I’m not ACTUALLY Ironman, I’m more like The Goose-man or something REALLY cool like that.

So what makes you think you’re a Super hero Mr Goose?

Well it’s elementary Dear Watson. You see, I came to the realization that most Super Heroes are just people who look like us, but they have ‘super powers’ that let them do REALLY cool things like… Super Strength, unlocking locked doors (that couldn’t be opened)… But they look just like us; The mild mannered reporter, or the poor photographer or rich businessman.

It seems that the most popular type of movie at the moment are all based on people living in society who have super powers of some sort… wizards, Marvel super heroes, vampires, werewolves, the list goes on. These are people who can do things that we could never do in real life… right?

Well… I believe you’re wrong!

When I read the Bible I read about people who, had angels guarding them and opening doors for them, people who had super human strength, people who could heal the un-healable, people who called down fire and stopped it raining… and these people were JUST LIKE US!

You see the only difference between these guys and us is they trusted in God… in the old testament they weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit but they knew that God was on their side, so they walked and talked boldly… in the New Testament they knew that they were filled with the Holy Spirit and were born again ‘a new creation’… in fact in Ephesian’s 3:20 Paul writes

“By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we could ever dare or ask or hope”

Now please hear me… we DO NOT have super powers so please do not throw yourself off a large building… (unless you can actually fly in which case, why would you stop!)

Although we do have the next best thing as Christians… God within us.

How did the apostles heal the sick, and break out of prison?

It certainly wasn’t because they had super powers it was because they had the Holy Spirit actively working within them, and when they listened and obeyed then God was able to move in the most wonderful ways. They walked with a swagger, a confidence, an assurance

Do you have the confidence to be able to walk knowing that you are filled with the power of the God of the entire universe?

Do you have the assurance that when you die, it won’t be the end?

…. to be continued


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