I am Ironman (part 2)

One of the things that adds to the mystery of the whole Super Hero story is the whole hidden identity schtick. It’s cool, you always know when they’re ‘off duty’ because they haven’t got their capes on with their ultra slim fitting lycra clothes and undies on outside their pants.

It seems Super heroes and Christians have things in common, apart from the power inside (as mentioned in part 1) it also seems that they only show their power when they are wearing their super hero outfit.

A lot of Christians I know walk around  not even knowing that the Holy Spirit is in them, they don’t know the power that God has promised, no wonder they are still worried about things, no wonder they still try to do things all by themselves, no wonder everything seems to go wrong in their lives.

But here’s the really crazy thing about these Christians, put them in a room with other Christians and they’re waving swords, and walking around all gung-ho, but in the real world (where it matters) they play mild mannered reporter.

Ok… so here is the thing… we should be putting on our super hero outfit EVERY day (the Armor of God) … we have to realize that we have the God given power within us. You see we should have our super senses always listening out for the promptings of the Holy Spirit because you never know when you’re going to be called to ‘duty’…

Are you spending you time in your ‘bat cave’ honing your skills? Are you reading Gods word and learning to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit (that are there to both keep you out of trouble and convict the hearts of those who you come in touch with)?

As you don your outfit each morning, as you prepare for the day putting on the armor of God, it’s a reminder that the one that has your back as you head out into the world… is the creator of the Universe… and that is something that most super heroes never had in the comics that I’ve read.


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