What Evangelism is NOT!

I have been thinking about Evangelism and I’ve coming to a discovery of what evangelism isn’t.

Evangelism is not becoming the next Billy Graham,  Ray Comfort, Charles Spurgeon or Dwight L. Moody. I have heard people who are coping the tools that some of these people used to open the Gospel message to people who were unfamiliar or in some cases had never heard the Gospel before… the problem is often it has no heart, it was only coping a text or podcast information. Sure it may have seemed logical but it had no real heart… it needs to be your words, your heart… because if the focus is correct, the prompting will be Spirit lead, and the heart behind it will be that of God.

Evangelism is not having a set of faith, rules and belief systems. It’s not about having a check list of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions and getting people to check boxes. It may be a good way to point out where a person may stand when judgement day comes… but if left only to that, it’s just an easy way for you to tell someone they’re going to Hell, there’s no emotion attached.

Evangelism is about knowing the story of Christ, and how it has related in your life, OUR lives, and passing that on to the people around us.

You see unless you know the impact that it’s made in your life, you’re only talking a basic theory. Unless you are relieved that you have been saved from an eternity separated from God & living in hell, then you’re only pointing to a fire exist that someone can use in case of emergency.

So what is YOUR story?

What has God been faithful to us in?

What miracles has God given to us in full, but we are still not living in?

This is YOUR story that God has given to ONLY YOU. All the other things that other evangelists use are part of THEIR story and THEIR growth, and THEIR tools that they have found helpful over the years. By all means use these tools and learn from the mistakes others have made before you… but don’t use them in lieu of Gods message and story he’s placed on your heart… use them as a starter or reference point, in telling your message, the way God called YOU to do it.


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