merry happy unbirthday to you

In New Zealand we have a long weekend, so an extra day added to the weekend to celebrate the Queens birthday. There is a couple of things that are pretty odd about this… we don’t really acknowledge the Queen for anything other than just a figure head, so she has no real power in the day to day running of NZ… and another odd things – it’s not even her birthday her real birthday is 21 April and we celebrate it in June .

But there are also a couple of really cool things about this celebration. Like we get an extra day off work, also the fact that it’s not really her birthday… it’s very Alice in Wonderland I think, very mad hatteresque. In Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatter celebrate un-birthdays (so days that weren’t actually birthdays)…

It, (Alice in Wonderland & un-birthdays) combined with the Queens birthday celebration (that wasn’t actually her birthday) got me thinking.

If we as Christians put as much focus on our ‘new birth’ days… the day in which we made the decision to follow Christ and are born again, as we do in our physical birthday (the day we were born into this world!). Do you even know your ‘new birth’ day?

In the Bible it says that even the angels celebrate the decision we make, and Jesus even talked about a mansion with lots of rooms and one is there for us… yet for a lot of us even though it will be the most significant thing we do (in light of eternity)… the date, the time, the moment can sort of fade into the recesses of our minds… it’s something we know we have done, but other than that, it becomes a ritual moment… something we did just because.

So wouldn’t it be cool to remember and celebrate the day we assured ourselves a place in heaven, a place in the presence of God for Eternity.

Happy ‘NEW BIRTH’ day to you!!!


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