Kids say the darnedest things… about your soul

My eldest son Tim is a HARD CORE don’t mess with the facts type evangelist… and he’s only 7 years old. I mean the kid will talk to anyone anywhere about God. He asked my mother in law (who knows about God but it’s all head knowledge) “I’m sad that you’re not going to Heaven Granny”… other times he just says “Do you know Jesus?”…

One time we were driving in the car with my son sitting next to me… He asked “Is Sherry a Christian?… now I knew that she was but I said “I’m not sure maybe you should ask her” to which he replied “But what if she’s not” “I’m not sure what do you think we should doI quizzed… “We’d better turn round and get my Bible” my son said straight away.

We’ve had to teach my eldest when is the right time to do it, as he was just going up to anyone… which is great when you’re a kid as people politely palm you off… so we talked about being more subtle which is hard because we didn’t want to stomp out his natural evangelist talents, but then again, there’s a time and a place also.

My parents had a man come to their property to lay some huge tiles where their new fireplace was to go… My son walked in and saw his opportunity “I go to a Christian school” he said to the paver. “Phew we thought it looks like he’s been listening to us about being subtle. “But do you know WHY I go to a Christian school”… he used his situation as an ‘in’ a reason to talk about Christ.

Another time this time with a vinyl layer, my son walked in with his Bible and sat at the table and started to read it quietly to himself… he then looked at the  vinyl layer and said “I like The Bible because it starts at the start of the world and goes all the way to the end of the world”

Now I can’t be sure but it seems that The Holy Spirit prompts my 7 year old as he say the right thing at the right time…

To be honest… it put’s my “God stuff talks” with people to shame…

It really brings to light the scripture “come to me like a child…”

I can learn so much from my kids… they say the darnedest things… about Eternity!


2 thoughts on “Kids say the darnedest things… about your soul

  1. “His mother in law”? And he’s only 7??? I think it’s awesome that your encouraging him to use his gift so young. It’s pretty cool 🙂

    • Ah yes thanks for that.. all fixed.
      I really hope he’s able to continue to grow with this gift. It honestly puts us to shame hearing him talk about Christ with no fear and no hesitation.

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