Lets face it… you’re a mess!

You’re a mess… I mean lets face it, you do things that you don’t want to do and to make things worse you don’t do things that you know you really should do. The thing that really gets under your skin, if you take time to think about it is… there doesn’t seem to be anything that you can do about it.

It’s not really an addiction I mean you can stop when you need to but then you really couldn’t say it’s  a small problem either… it’s something that seems to pull you down, something that you keep slipping into.

It’s all very familiar isn’t it?

In The Bible there was a guy called Paul who had the same sort of problem, the cool thing is that he came to the realization that it wasn’t him that was doing it.

What are you on about?

Of course he did something wrong… right?

Ok yes… he did something wrong, the thing is he realized is that it was his old life… you see when you give your life over to be lead by Christ, Christ isn’t just in you… but you are in Christ, you have become a new creation. Christ slowly transforms you from the inside, and it starts show on the outside too, it can’t but help it.

So how does this help me not doing the things I know I shouldn’t?

The more you trust in God the more you grow to know what is right… and here’s the cool thing, the more you know God the stronger you become. Think of it like a tree… usually the bigger the tree in good soil the deeper the roots and the stronger the Tree, therefore the harder it is to push over.

The power is ALREADY in us, as Christ-followers and is in us once we give our lives over to Christ and we die to our old life… and as we trust more in God and less in ourselves we as new creations grow in new soil. God reveals that power- giving us the strength to push out and then deal with the grime that is naturally growing in our lives.

You’re a mess… but you know it... That’s a great place to be!

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