Faith like a Rhino!

Did you realize that faith isn’t faith if you know the outcome? I mean isn’t that the whole point of faith?

If had to choose my favorite animal I would choose a Rhino… to me the Rhino is the ultimate example of a faith filled animal. For a start the Rhino can only see 30 meters in front of it… past that… not much, yet the Rhino can run faster than a squirrel. A squirrel tops at 14 MPH where a Rhino can run as fast as 30 MPH… that’s awesome! All this means that a Rhino has to rely on his sense of hearing, and smell.

On the flip side we have the impala, who if they can’t see the ground where they are going to land… they don’t jump, even though an impala can jump more than 9 meters and 2.5 meters high. Do you know how high a fence you have to make to keep and impala in?  3 meters high, that’s all… there’s no trust in what they can’t see.

So are we running full force forward trusting in what we see, before it comes into view?

Or are we refusing to jump until we can see the ground ahead?

It’s a real faith statement.

The Bible is full of stories where God promised a miracle… but it took a act of faith on our part. For example Gods people walked out of Egypt to the side of the sea before he revealed his escape plan… through the sea (who would have guessed) … Elisha got a widow to borrow as many empty jars as she could get her hands on before God revealed the ‘olive oil miracle’ … which brings us back to our original statement “faith isn’t faith if you know the outcome”… It seems often the crazier the task the bigger the miracle. Now please hear me, this doesn’t mean go and try something crazy to see if God will turn up… although this is where we need to be open to be Spirit lead.

So Listen… can you hear the calling?

If you can… run as fast as you can trustobey.


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