Christians are annoying…

Recently ex-Singer Ronnie Dio of Metal band Black Sabbath died which must have been so sad for his family, and it’s sad enough for me knowing that someone could die not knowing that they are going to Heaven (now I don’t know the guy but based on his lyrics and other statements we can assume that he’s not a Christian)… But what is really frustrating is hear that a group of ‘so called’ Christians will be at his funeral picking “anti-devil” slogans.

Now to me this is so different to what the scriptures talk about… yes we are to speak in TRUTH but also in LOVE… picketing outside Ronnie’s funeral while his family mourn the  loss of a loved one seems to me to show no love what so ever.

This is highlighted even more by Dio’s wife saying “Ronnie hates prejudice and violence! We need to turn the other cheek on these people that only know how to hate someone they didn’t know. We only know how to love someone we know!“… did you hear that… the non-Christians are doing a better job of showing love than those who actually call themselves Christians. now please hear me… I’m not saying I agree with the music of Black Sabbath or the Anti-christ focused lyrics but as Christians we need to show love… how can we picket about someone we don’t know, or haven’t even taken the time to know???

If we had issue with what he had to say… why didn’t we converse with him?

If we were so concerned about his music… why didn’t we ask him about his influences?

Picketing when he’s dead to annoy his family isn’t love, and holding pickets that have words based on hearsay isn’t really truth…

Interestingly the group Westboro Baptist Church also has a website called…

For the record God doesn’t hate gays… in fact when he made man (and woman) he said that “it is good” it’s the gay practices God doesn’t like.

Sometimes in times like this it’s best to be reminded of the quote from Saint Francis of Assisi “preach the Gospel at all time – if necessary use words”


lights, curtains & God

Sometimes I wonder if sitting in a plush church is a good use of the Money that has been brought into the church… shouldn’t the money we spend on lights and drum sets on something that could help the kingdom more… like feeding the hungry, or clothing the poor? Maybe this is part of the drive for peoples interest in ‘home church’… (but I’ll talk about that in a later blog)

I mean, how much is the environment important for a church?

When does it go from aesthetics to just environmental engineering?

Are we looking to much into this?

If you read Exodus you’ll find that God has devoted 12 chapters to everything to do with the church building from the curtains colour and thickness to the type of wood used and the gold plate on the walls and furnishings… so if God doesn’t care about all the grandeur (because he looks at the heart) then why is he so picky about the inside of a church building?

Is the brightness of the lights, the audio quality and the building temperature so important?

I think the answer lies in the lack of distractions… in the old days when people made cathedral, they made them to look upwards… these days the thought is still the same but it’s more about comfort…

But it shouldn’t be about comfort I hear you say??? Well maybe it is… maybe it’s about ‘us’ getting out of the way and letting God making people feel uneasy (after all it’s the holy spirit that draws people to Jesus) … maybe we need to take away the things that distract from God and let people focus on him… and if it means to be socially up to date with ‘the world’ and what it feels most comfortable in – then we need to do that to help us keep out of the way and let God do his part.

And so here’s how it starts

It’s so easy to breeze through life sometimes without even turning on, and listening to the life we live… or more importantly the life that god would like us to live.
God speaks to us through all sorts of frequencies… life, books, sermons and sooooo many more ways, none as important than The Bible…
Hopefully this blog will help me, and maybe you, to tune into the frequency that helps us pick up what God wants for our lives… which can only be “for good and not to harm us” – lets start the journey… turn the dial… flick the switch.